Kelsey, The Procrastination Monster

Hey All – Remember me? Turns out I’m the kind of person that needs a scary deadline to get something, anything done. If it’s not a research paper due at midnight threatening my class grade or patient charting that needs to be completed to keep my job, then there’s a chance I won’t do it. I need some good old fashioned anxiety to move me forward. It really makes me come alive. I had every good intention to post about our Oregon experience, but then I postponed until I could no longer put it off. Then, I had the audacity to continue postponing it even more because I’m a procrastinating monster. Currently, I’m halfway through California, just now brave enough to face my procrastinating shame head on.

This theme actually parallels quite nicely with my childhood. I love the idea of a diary, but could never follow through. At age 9, I had this beautiful pink diary with GORGEOUS JEWELS glued onto the cover. The best part was that it had a lock that could only be opened with my personal key which I hide very strategically in my room. Usually, I would write three journal entries then get bored and never write in it again. Then, a year later I would try again with a fresh start. I would get a new diary equally as beautiful and repeat the process. I must have found five partially filled diaries in my room when I moved out to go to college.

So, this is my pathetic excuse for not keeping up with my blog entries. If you are at all interested in our travels, I am sincerely sorry I have disappointed you. I promise to do better. But honestly, this is on you too. Maybe you could be meaner to me? Please, threaten me that if I don’t keep up on blog posts then you’ll stop being my friend. You know. To give me some fear to fuel my motivation. It would really help the both of us. Thanks!!! 🙂

I plan to post about Oregon and California very soon. Stay tuned.

Procrastinating monster living her best life. Circa 2010
Thanks ya’ll

Published by TheHungryCamper

Traveling the US with my husband in an RV in hopes of finding a place to put down our roots. I'm completely new to RVing so join me as I learn to cook in the elements and out of my comfort zone. Some hot messes are likely, but also delicious food too. I'll also be sharing stories about our travel experiences beyond cooking.

One thought on “Kelsey, The Procrastination Monster

  1. HAHA I love this so much!! Favorite. Post. Ever. ☺

    I hear ya on those pink, bejeweled diaries! I do the same thing now, only without the rhinestones (okay, maybe just with fewer rhinestones than when we were 7…)

    Love connecting with you via FaceTime, text, and following along with your travels on the *only* blog that I actually subscribe to!


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