Thank you for coming to my blog and following along on this adventure! My name is Kelsey and my husband’s name is Matt. We are home grown Midwesterners who have decided to move out West. We recently quit our jobs and plan to travel the US in an RV for a few months. Our hope is to find a city out West we can relocate to from Indiana/Ohio.

I love to cook. I also love to share my experience of cooking on social media (because I’m a proud millennial!!). However, I’ve only ever cooked in a conventional kitchen where I have everything to my disposal. This trip will push me way out of my element. Like WAY out of my element. I’m already overwhelmed 🙂 Join me as I learn how to shop, store, and cook food while camping.

My posts will be about our experience with food as well as our travel adventures. You can also follow me on Instagram @thehungrycamper

Our Wedding Day 9/1/18
Hiking in Olympic National Park 2016

Published by TheHungryCamper

Traveling the US with my husband in an RV in hopes of finding a place to put down our roots. I'm completely new to RVing so join me as I learn to cook in the elements and out of my comfort zone. Some hot messes are likely, but also delicious food too. I'll also be sharing stories about our travel experiences beyond cooking.

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